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Turmeric: the magic spice for health

the magic spice for health

Turmeric: the magic spice for health

Turmeric is a plant with many health benefits. But it can also have side effects, hence the precautions to know. Presentation of an essential spice.

Turmeric is a herbaceous plant of the Zingiberaceae family, called “turmeric” because it has the same coloring properties as saffron. It is used as a spice (the main ingredient of curry, a spice blend) but also for its many medicinal properties. Turmeric is native to South Asia. Its primary use is in powder but also in infusion or decoction.

Parts used in health
It is the underground part of the plant called “rhizome powder” which is used to flavor exotic preparations and is recognized for its innumerable benefits.

Therapeutic virtues
– Curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric powder and antioxidant par excellence, is especially known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic action, for treating skin diseases when used externally, for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and also for its digestive action (protection of the gastric mucosa).
– A panel of actions completed by a link between the consumption of turmeric and the reduction of the risk of developing a cancer, in particular that of the colon. Its consumption would relieve an irritable colon!
– Turmeric would activate serotonin involved in the regulation of moods.
– Associated with piperine (alkaloid contained in pepper or chili), curcumin (active ingredient of turmeric) would have its bioavailability potentiated! It is the same with oil or fatty fish (fats increase its absorption).
– It is also a source of iron, manganese, zinc, copper…

– In people suffering from digestive ulcers such as stomach ulcers, turmeric can have an irritating effect on the mucous membranes only if consumed in high doses.
– Turmeric is not recommended for those with gallbladder problems such as bile duct obstruction.
– Also, if you are taking anticoagulant treatment, turmeric is strongly discouraged. The anticoagulant effect would be additional. Talk to your doctor.
– Turmeric is not recommended during pregnancy.

Side effects
In moderate consumption, turmeric does not seem to cause any concern, except for pregnant women, for whom it is not recommended.
Benefits of turmeric for the face and hair
With its beautiful orange color, turmeric has long been popular in cooking. But it is also a cosmetic ingredient that does not lack assets! Here is everything you need to know about this beauty spice.

The benefits of turmeric for the face
Turmeric is a very interesting spice to include in one’s diet, but it is also a cosmetic ingredient that has many benefits for the health and quality of the skin. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps regulate the production of sebum in problem skin and fights against the appearance of blackheads. The characteristics of curcumin also make this spice a powerful barrier against free radicals (UVA, pollution, smoking, food, etc.) that accelerate skin aging. Finally, its richness in vitamin C brightens the complexion, fades pigmentation spots and boosts cell renewal.

The benefits of turmeric for the hair
In addition to caring for the skin, turmeric is also an ingredient of choice to pamper the hair. Rich in zinc, it helps rebalance the scalp, fight against dandruff and soothe itching and minor irritations. By boosting the microcirculation of the scalp thanks to curcumin, turmeric also prevents hair loss by stimulating natural hair growth.

Homemade Turmeric Care
Whether you are a fan of conventional or homemade cosmetics, taking advantage of the benefits of turmeric for the skin and hair is within everyone’s reach. For recipes for face masks, anti-aging creams or even hair coloring (mixed with neutral henna, this spice gives sunny highlights to light hair), turmeric powder can be found in grocery stores as well as in some specialized stores like Aroma-Zone. If you prefer to shop online, the e-shops of Kazidomi and Greenweez also offer bottles and sachets of this shimmering spice.

Turmeric cosmetics
But those who have two left hands can rest assured, turmeric is also present in ready-to-use cosmetics. At Acorelle, it is used in sun care products to fight against premature aging of the skin. At Kiehl’s and First Aid Beauty, it is in a face mask that we can enjoy its illuminating virtues. Finally, at The Inkey List and Sunday Riley, two brands available exclusively at Sephora, turmeric is the star ingredient in a soothing moisturizer and a radiance oil for the face.

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