cancer fighting diet

Cancer fighting diet ” Breuss Cure”:

The cancer fighting diet can help fight certain cancers.
Breuss cure is a type of diet that would to fight against certain cancers by radically limiting the consumption of the proteins which they feed on.

Principles of the Breuss cure, cancer fighting diet

Austrian therapist Rudolf Breuss, developed the method named the Breuss cure, also known as the vegetable juice cure.
This name indicates more explicitly what this approach is based on: the exclusive consumption (cure) of a specific vegetable juice and various herbal teas.
Objective is to :
– feeding the body only with liquids
– and by eliminating proteins,
– while taking care to minimize the risk of deficiencies (except for proteins).

According to the Swiss biochemist Bruno Vonarburg, the principle is simple: It is considered that cancer feeds on proteins…., so the treatment with a juice cure [supposes the cessation of its daily supply of proteins…. and the organism cannot live without this element, the blood, which is fond of proteins, eats away at everything superfluous in the body, vegetations, gatherings of matter and tumors. It is an operation without a scalpel”.
In fact, the Breuss cure is particularly effective in the treatment of blood cancers (leukemia).
Nevertheless, it can be adapted to each type of cancer (see the reference book “The Breuss Cure: Total Regeneration of the Body” written by Rudolf Breuss and Christine Schmitter).

Cancer fighting diet The Breuss cure: how to do it?

The use of the treatment is very simple: consume 1/4 of a liter of mixed juice per day, divided into three parts, before each meal, and especially do not eat reheated food.
Below are the essential points to follow concerning the Breuss cure:
– Follower the Breuss cure for a period of 42 days.
– It consists of consuming :
o The quantity of the specific juice mixture to be consumed of 250 ml per day,
o A kidney infusion (1/2 cup cold, morning, noon and evening, or ideally two tablespoons every hour),
o Other specific liquid preparations.
– This treatment should not be accompanied by any other food intake.
– During the cure period, the less you drink it will be better for you.
Given the seriousness of this treatment, it’s necessary to prepare for it by taking Bio-Strath tonic as a treatment, even one month before starting it.
It’s advisable to get the body used to it, three days before the beginning of the treatment, by integrating the consumption of the juice mixture between meals at a rate of ¼ liter per day.

Basic ingredients of the Breuss cure

The basic elements of the Breuss cure are only available in liquid form. They are sufficient to meet the minimum needs of the body and must be organic (from organic farming). 

Minimum needs of the organism:

– A vegetable juice (or red juice)

composed of organic vegetables pressed raw and then filtered with :
o 300 g of beet (raw and not cooked) ;
o 100 carrots ;
o 100 celery ;
o 30 of black radish ;
o (a small potato, in case of liver cancer) ;

– An herbal tea for the kidneys

(which can be bought ready-made in a herbalist’s shop or in an organic store) or made from a pinch of a mixture that has been infused for 10 minutes in a cup of hot water and is based on (in equal parts):
o horsetail ;
o nettle leaves ;
o St. John’s wort ;
o bird’s thumb (Polygonum aviculare);

– a special infusion

it’s done with 4 pinches per liter of a mixture composed of (equal parts)
o white broth ;
o Alpine fennel or cultivated fennel if not available (especially against lung cancer) or alchemilla infusions (against uterine cancer);
o Icelandic lichen (Cetraria islandica);
o ivy ;
o plantain ;
o lungwort (Pulmonaria officinalis);

– Sage-based herbal tea

(two teaspoons for 50 cl of boiling water to be boiled for precisely 3 minutes) to which a pinch of a mixture of St. John’s wort, mint and lemon balm is then added and left to infuse for 10 minutes.
– Perfusion of two teaspoons of Calendula in 150 ml of water for 10 minutes;
– An infusion of 10 minutes of a pinch of geranium Robert’s herb (Geranium robertianum, which is a variety of geranium rich in radium) for 150 ml of water;
– 20 to 40 drops of Hawthorn mother tincture in a little water with low mineral content;
– Onion broth: run a large white onion under water without peeling it, dice it and fry it in olive oil before adding 50 cl of water and a vegetable stock cube (fat free) and leave to cook. Filter and drink the broth.

Dosage for the Breuss cure

For greater safety and effectiveness, it’s important to respect the following dosages:
-Kidney herbal tea should be taken cold at a rate of half a cup in the morning upon waking up (so prepared the night before), at noon and in the evening before bedtime only during the first three weeks of the cure (otherwise there is a risk of kidney failure thereafter).
– Hawthorn’s mother tincture is taken in the morning upon rising, just after the herbal tea for the kidneys.
– Red juice can be drunk at a maximum rate of one liter per day (twice the indicated proportions) in doses distributed throughout the day (alternating with the sage tea and the special tea).
– Calendula and Robert’s Herb Geranium infusions are drunk cold several times during the day (including half a cup at noon during the first three weeks).
– The onion broth is taken in one bowl at noon.
– Special herbal tea can be drunk at a rate of half a liter to a liter per day (including half a cup at noon during the first three weeks).
– Sage tea can be consumed as much as you like, without any restriction (so put it in a thermos for the day).
Note that, in the case of leukemia, Breuss indicates that the treatment can be done by consuming 1/4 of a liter of mixed juice per day, to be taken before each meal (always for 6 weeks).

Written by Rogers

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