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All about saffron

All about saffron

The good facts of the saffron:

Bulbous perennial plant, of the Iridaceae family, flowering at the beginning of autumn, which carries a blue flower mixed with red and purple, with very developed and fragrant yellow stigmas. Widely used in Mediterranean cuisine, saffron is a spice, used as a dye, which contains many virtues.

The characteristics of saffron:

– Antioxidant,
– Relaxing,
– Stimulates digestion,
– Rich in iron,
Rich in magnesium,
– Source of vitamin B6.

The benefits of saffron: why eat it?

It has unsuspected nutritional benefits.

Soothing power:

The magnesium present in saffron acts as a muscle relaxant. It is therefore recommended to reduce cramps and muscular pains. Its soothing effect will be effective to support a better sleep. The sedative effect of magnesium it contains is also very beneficial in case of anxiety or stress.

Anti pain:

It acts as an analgesic on the nervous system. It can be used to reduce gum pain but also to reduce menstrual pain and related back pain.

Digestive virtues:

Consumed in small doses and infused, saffron helps to stimulate and encourage a good digestive activity by stimulating the liver. It also allows to decrease the side effects of alcohol consumption.

Source of iron and manganese:

Saffron contains iron that promotes the transport of oxygen in the body and help in the formation of hemoglobin. The manganese will allow a better absorption of iron but will also reinforce the natural defenses in particular at the level of the liver.

Richness in antioxidants:

The richness in beta-carotenes (or carotenoids) of saffron plays a very important antioxidant role. It will help to fight against cellular aging and could have an anticancer effect.

The word of the nutritionist:

The nutritional values of saffron are very interesting, don’t forget that it is only consumed in very small quantities, so you will have to add other sources of vitamins and minerals to your diet in order to cover your needs.

Characteristic to choose its saffron:

It is the fruit of a flower of the crocus family from which we extract the red stigmas.
– Type: Perennial plant,
– Family : Iridaceae,
– Origin: the Mediterranean basin of Europe,
– Season: in October,
– Color: red, gives a yellow coloring to the dishes,
– Taste : bitter.

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