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8 symptoms that show a vitamin B12 deficiency

vitamin B12 deficiency: 8 symptoms that show it

a deficiency in vitamin B12 is discovered with 8 symptoms Loss of balance, Irritability, Anemia Mouth ulcers, Constipation, Tingling and confusion and disorientation focus on each symptoms.
Foods rich in vitamin B12 are fish and shellfish, cheese, milk, offal and eggs. Lacking them is bad for your health.

insufficient vitamin B12 symptoms: Loss of balance

Vitamin B12 helps the body coordinate and maintain balance. If you have difficulty moving, it may be due to a insufficient vitamin B12. Other deficiencies and/or health problems can explain locomotor weakness, which is why it is essential to consult your doctor so that he can make the right diagnosis.


B12 is the vitamin that helps maintain a good nervous balance. A significant deficiency in vitamin B12 can lead to strong irritability and nervousness. Some individuals may even feel anxious and depressed.


In case of insufficient vitamin B12, anemia (abnormal decrease of the hemoglobin level in the blood) can occur. Symptoms of anemia are significant fatigue, a feeling of weakness, shortness of breath or dizziness.

Oral ulcers:

insufficient vitamin B12 can cause a change in the appearance and color of the tongue. The tongue may become swollen, red and painful with a “pinprick” sensation on the tongue. In addition to a swollen tongue, people with a significant vitamin B12 deficiency may also develop ulcers in the mouth.


Vitamin B12 contributes to good digestion. In case of constipation, or even digestive problems with vomiting accompanied by abdominal pain, but also in case of lack of appetite, ask yourself the question of a possible lack of vitamin B12.

A deficiency in vitamin B12 in short:

insufficient vitamin B12 can affect the faculties of memorization and concentration. Lack of it can lead to confusion and disorientation. These neurological symptoms should be taken seriously, and your doctor will consider a course of vitamin B12 if he or she believes you need it.


Vitamin B12 helps make myelin, the membrane that protects the nerves.So, a vitamin B12 deficiency could damage the nerves, causing tingling, pins and needles, muscle weakness and motor difficulties.

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