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 6 essential vitamins and minerals to strengthen teeth

Strengthen teeth :

Did you know that there are ways to strengthen teeth through diet? Indeed, you can improve the resistance of the enamel by providing your body with certain vitamins and essential minerals. Calcium and phosphorus, but also vitamins A, C, D, K represent privileged allies for oral health. Discover their benefits on teeth and the foods that cont

strengthen teeth: with Calcium

If someone asks you which mineral is essential for healthy teeth, you will spontaneously think of calcium. Calcium is known to strengthen tooth enamel from an early age and throughout life.

Strengthen teeth foods rich in calcium:

Here are the foods that are an excellent source of calcium and that allow you to have an adequate calcium intake

  • Animal dairy products:

(cow’s, goat’s or sheep’s milk and its derivatives such as cheese and yogurt)

  • Vegetable dairy products:

(coconut, soy or almond milk and their derivatives)
green leafy vegetables (especially kale)

  • Plant products and seeds:

– Garlic
– Almonds
– Tofu
– Nettle
– Seeds (chia, sesame)
– Whole grain bread
– Cocoa powder
– Certain mineral waters rich in calcium

  • seafood:

(sardines, trout, mussels, shrimp, anchovies)

Phosphorus to protect teeth:

Phosphorus is the second most present mineral in the human body, after calcium. It is also involved in the construction of bones and teeth. In terms of oral health, phosphorus plays an essential role: it protects and strengthens teeth in a natural way.

Foods rich in phosphorus:

We recommend that you eat foods rich in phosphorus, such as

  • fish (sardines, salmon,
  • swordfish, red tuna, etc.)
  • clams
  • seeds (pumpkin, squash,
  • sunflower)
  • meat
  • liver and offal
  • Poultry
  • eggs
  • lentils
  • soy beans
  • plain yogurt with 0% to 4% fat
  • ricotta cheese made from whole or partly skimmed milk

strengthen teeth with Vitamins

Strengthen teeth with Vitamin A

The enamel of the teeth is partly composed of keratin. This is a protein that needs vitamin A to be manufactured. Therefore, we must provide our body with enough vitamin A to help build enamel. Foods rich in vitamin A are orange in color: carrots, sweet potatoes and melons.

Vitamin C

We know that this vitamin plays a crucial role in improving our immune system. However, few people know that it also helps strengthen teeth. In fact, vitamin C contributes to the synthesis of collagen inside the dentin and to the repair of the teeth. Citrus fruits, peppers and kale are excellent sources of vitamin C.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is essential for the transport and optimal absorption of calcium in the body. In addition, vitamin D stimulates the mineral density of the teeth and bone tissue that supports the teeth. Some dairy products and cereals are fortified with vitamin D. Regular exposure to sunlight also helps make vitamin D naturally in your body.

Vitamin K

Last but not least, vitamin K is important for oral health. Its calcium-binding property helps maintain healthy bone tissue. This is important for the whole body in general and for the teeth in particular. Green vegetables are rich in vitamin K, including cabbage, spinach, broccoli, asparagus and lettuce.

The relationship between eating well and strengthening teeth

As you can see, a diet rich in vitamins and minerals helps to strengthen teeth naturally. It helps preserve the enamel, dentin and bone tissues that support the teeth. For better oral health, we recommend a healthy, varied and balanced diet. Include a maximum of fruits and vegetables in your daily meals. This will give you stronger teeth. At the same time, don’t forget to respect the gestures for an irreproachable oral hygiene.

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